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Xperia Bluetooth Switcher

Do you own a Sony Ericsson Xperia X1-cellphone? Does it bother you that you have to open the Bluetooth-settings, or choose one of the panels with Bluetooth-support to enable or disable bluetooth? In that case, download this application that without fuss or questions simply enables or disables bluetooth and then terminates itself. The first time the application is started you will be asked whether you want your cellphone to be visible to other devices when bluetooth is enabled.

Download the CAB-file, transfer it to your phone, and install by opening the CAB-file from the phones filebrowser.
Octagon inAudio

Tool used to automaticly index all musicfiles on one or several computers and make them search- and playable using a web-based interface.
Can also control winamp on a server from client computers, randomize playlists and so on.

ODG MailWipe

Tool used to automaticly remove all emails on a pop3-email-account. For windows 95-XP.
The program can be set to run automaticly at given intervals.
Click here to download

If the program won't start, you might need this file. Download it, unzip, and place the contants in the same directory as MailWipe.

Here you can find a couple of applications i have developed.
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